The CEU Group Hires New Chief Operating Officer : Welcome to The CEU Group Cory! Cory Ellsworth has recently joined The CEU Group as the new Chief Operating Officer. He brings with him 27 years of experience working for large companies including AT&T and Cisco Systems holding various CFO.

Continuing Education Courses for Professionals

The CEU Group works off of the Power of Numbers. The CEU Group’s continuing education offerings is to working and learning licensed professionals as Expedia is to travelers.  We are a network of business professionals coming together to increase our knowledge and ability to serve, while decreasing the high cost of continuing education. We gather professionals and presenters and organizers of professional continuing education seminars and bring them together for the mutual benefit of all parties.

Creating A Win-Win Relationship for Professionals & CEU Providers

The CEU Group services allow the independent professionals, healthcare providers and continuing education presenters to reap greater benefits they may not otherwise be able to garner.

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